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A directory of resources for Doctors and Practice Managers.

Here you'll find various doctors resources and links to sites which will help you to manage your practice and assist you in achieving your practice and personal goals.

Clinical Practice Resources

JFAR... Journal of Foot and Ankle Research

Journal of Foot and Ankle Research

Podiatry Arena

Podiatry Arena

The International Foot and Ankle Biomechanics Community

International Foot and Ankle Biomechanics Community Home Page

Practice Web Site Resources

DIY Web Site Design and Maintenance
Build your own professional looking practice web site quickly and affordably using Site Build It!

There's no need to learn all that geeky technical html, php or ftp stuff. Who's got time to do all that when your busy trying to manage your practice. Just get straight down to business and get your practice on the web. The system is very affordable and it's GUARANTEED. It's exactly the same system I use to build and maintain this web site.

Visit the Question Centre at to see if it meets your practice needs. Ask them any questions and they'll be happy to ensure Site Build It! meets your requirements.

Patient Newsletter Tips and Resources

The 6th Pillar Program
This program was originally designed to help busy people get started in their promotional campaigns. After reviewing the course I found it easy to follow and very realistic.

Each week a new task is set. The objective is to provide busy people with a simple and achievable task which then helps to promote your business. Each task builds on the next so that after eight weeks and very little effort you actually feel as though you have achieved something.

A great motivator and teacher. It teaches you that "baby steps" do count. As Charles Givens once said... "by the yard, it's hard but by the inch, it's a cinch!"

Practice Management & Marketing Resources

Recently a feature article appeared on titled... "How To Develop A Long-Term Plan For Practice Transition" - By Steven Peltz, CHBC.

This article was interesting in that it offered some useful money-saving and practice development tips helping doctors to achieve the practice they really want. To view this article visit

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