Gavin Daly, Podiatrist.

Gavin Daly is a podiatrist who graduated from the University of South Australia in 1991.

Gavin originally commenced practice in South Australia with The Adelaide Sports Sciences Clinic and David Gilbert in 1991. Between 1991 and 1993 Gavin also worked with other South Australian podiatrists including Kaye Halliday and Lyn Keynes. During this time Gavin also provided honorary podiatry advice and services to the Woodville West Torrens Football Club.

In 1993, Gavin purchased his own podiatry practice in Modbury, South Australia which he privately owned and operated between 1993-1996 under his own name. During this time he also operated an orthotic laboratory between 1993-1996 in partnership with Kaye Halliday.

In 1996 Adelaide Podiatry Group was founded by Gavin and three other podiatrists - Spiro Vithoulkas, Sean Murphy and Brenton Bowen. Gavin's role during this partnership included developing and managing South Australia’s first computer aided design and manufacturing (CADCAM) orthotic system, training orthotic laboratory technicians and developing laboratory systems. This role continued until 1998 when the laboratory was then taken over by Tony Dwyer of CAD CAM Orthotics in South Australia.

Gavin also provided honorary podiatry services to the Adelaide Ravens Netball Club between 1998-1999 alongside coach Pat Mickan.

Podiatry Care was established at Ashford Injury Services with partner Spiro Vithoulkas in January 2000 in conjunction with Orthopaedics SA and Northcare Physiotherapy. Podiatry Care continued servicing clients under the Podiatry Care banner until it was aquired by My FootDr in March 2017.  Podiatry Care branches at Modbury, Christies Beach, Moana, Unley and McLaren Vale were aquired by My FootDr while Kaye Halliday retained ownership of Podiatry Care in Gawler. The name may have changed but many of the faces remained the same. Gavin continued to work for My FootDr both as a Podiatrist and then later as State Manger of the eight South Australian My FootDr podiatry clinics until June 2018.

In July of 2018 Gavin decided it was time to satisfy some personal goals in the area of travel and further education. With a passion for providing first class service, patient education and communication Gavin was presented with an opportunity to enter private practice again in a practice management and marketing role at Posture Podiatry in partnership with Podiatrist Tom Kolesnik. As a Podiatrist, Gavin had a special interest in heel pain treatment, sports injuries, childrens foot problems and growing pains in children. Gavin's primary role now involves digital marketing, practice management and communications.

Gavin is currently a member of the Australian Podiatry Association and registered with the Podiatry Board of South Australia. Click here to contact Gavin Daly

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