Where to find a Podiatrist,
Chiropodist or foot doctor.

What is a Podiatrist?
The word podiatrist originates from the two greek words "pod" meaning foot and "iatros" meaning healer.

You may have also heard the term Chiropodist which is also defined as "a specialist in the care of feet and foot disorders."

Where to find a Podiatrist?
Listed below are a series of links. To find a foot specialist click on a country or continent below and you will be directed to a list of professionals and/or their respective associations or registered professional organisations.

  • Australian Podiatrist

  • Canada

  • Chile

  • France

  • Italy

  • New Zealand

  • South Africa

  • Switzerland

  • UK Chiropodist

  • USA Podiatrist

    Tips on choosing a podiatrist, foot doctor, chiropodist or foot specialist...
    Choosing a foot specialist to care for your feet is just like choosing your family doctor or dentist. You want someone you can trust, someone who is fully qualified and up to date with all the latest techniques and someone who will help you to get well and stay well.

    When choosing a Podiatrist...

  • ask friends and family for a recommendation. This is often how most of our clients find us.

  • Ask your doctor or health care provider for a recommendation.

  • Contact your Podiatry Association in your state or territory. They can help you to choose a foot specialist within your locality that can help assist you with your foot problem.

  • Most Podiatrists are listed under "P" in the yellow pages.

    A few extra tips...
    Most foot doctors have areas of special interest. For example, my area of special interest is heel pain and heel spurs in my practice. For this reason it is worth asking your foot specialist what area they prefer to specialise in. Naturally, a foot specialist who prefers to specialise in the treatment of ingrown toe nails is the best person to treat your ingrown toe nails.

    It has been estimated that the feet travel anywhere from 5000 to 12000 steps per day on average. This means your feet are your main form of transport. We only get one pair so it's worth looking after them.

    WARNING : This information is for educational purposes only and is not intended to replace professional podiatric advice. Treatment will vary between individuals depending upon your diagnosis and presenting complaint. An accurate diagnosis can only be made following personal consultation with a Podiatrist, your Doctor or your foot specialist.

    Still have a question about your foot problem, leg pain or you just need some footwear advice?

    Visit our Foot Problems page and ask us a question about your specific problem below. We'll do our best to help.

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